WX Leading Organizations in a Time of Crisis

July 09, 2020
9:15 am - 10:30 am

Zoom Video Meeting

Perspectives & Conversations | Members and Scholars
Speakers: Cheryl Boyer, Fulcrum Hospitality LLC | Hope Knight, Greater Jamaica Development Corp. | Wendy Rowden, Building for the Arts | Alexis Offen, Consultant

New York City is facing truly unprecedented times. While past challenges offer some lessons, there is no playbook for how to navigate the current environment.

Join us for a candid discussion with WX senior executive level members Cheryl Boyer, Hope Knight and Wendy Rowden as they share their insights on leadership through this health pandemic, the economic fallout (and opportunities) for our region and the difficult
national discourse on systemic racism.

This event is open to all WX Members and WX Scholars.