WX Mentoring Program: Leadership - How to Communicate Effectively with Stakeholders in Real Estate

December 07, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Zoom Video Meeting

Mentoring Program | Members and Mentees
Speakers: Adelma Hand, Brand Consultant and Executive Coach | Nancy Varsos, Varsos Consulting, LLC

The WX Mentoring Committee is pleased to welcome Executive Coach Adelma Hand and Consultant, Nancy Varsos, to gain insight into your personal communication style and how to flex it to connect and engage with the wide range of stakeholders in real estate. During the event, both mentees and mentors will take a deeper dive into their own style and practice communicating more effectively with various roles found in real estate projects (from financial underwriters to designers to government). This event will be fun and interactive, giving you insights you can use immediately while job searching or building your career.

*This is the second core event of the 2021-2022 Mentoring Program. Please be sure to register by December 3rd. If you are unable to attend, please e-mail info@wxnyre.com
**All attendees, Mentors and Mentees, are asked to complete their (15 minute) assessment to determine your type before the workshop so that we can place you in the appropriate groups, by Friday, December 3rd.

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